3 tips to help your hens produce quality eggs

3 tips to help your hens produce quality eggs

Shoreview, Minn. – Raising a backyard flock should be fun. You provide your hens shelter, ca…

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Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry Confidence at Six-Month High

Washington, DC, November 20, 2014 – The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation (the Foun…

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BeefTalk: Proper cow nutrition now saves headaches later

Cattle roundups have occurred at an elevated pace this past week. A cherished goal is extra …

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Crop News

Crop Progress and Condition report

Crop Progress and Condition report

It was very cold in Idaho. Temperatures for the week ranged between 9 and 21 degrees below normal. The southwest region received the most precipitation during the…

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Dairy News

Make beef quality a dairy priority

“As a dairy producer, you’re a beef producer too, and a direct link to the food chain. Market cows are responsible for 18 percent of total ground beef production …

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